High Risk Car Insurance Ontario

High Risk Car Insurance Situations in Ontario:

Drivers with Impaired Driving Convictions also known as DUI or Driving Under the Influence

  • If you have been convicted with driving with over .08 BAC level, regular car insurance companies will not insure you while the conviction remains on your record. Options exist to still get insurance by getting a quote online or with one of our insurance brokers, we can provide you with Ontario car insurance with an impaired driving conviction

Drivers with Speeding Tickets and other Traffic Tickets

  • Remember, tickets not demerit points affect your car insurance. Speeding tickets and other traffic tickets can be classified as either minor or major. Minor and major tickets can impact how much you pay for car insurance. By having too many tickets can also lead to cancellation by some insurance companies.


  • At fault accidents can affect your car insurance premiums. In Ontario whether you are 100 percent at fault or 10 percent at fault, any at fault accidents may impact how much you pay for car insurance.




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