Ontario Car Insurance Options

driving car across OntarioJust like purchasing a car, when you walk into a dealership to purchase a car you may ask what options the vehicle has. This is really no different than buying car insurance in Ontario. The most basic car insurance policy in Ontario provides liability insurance at a certain limit and then you may add coverages such as all perils which includes collision and comprehensive coverage, or you may just add one of the two. On top of this, there exist Ontario Policy Change Forms (“OPCF”). These are forms or “options” added to your policy which change or add to portions of your policy. Below we discuss what some of the most popular OPCF forms in Ontario are.

If you are new to Ontario and are trying to understand How Ontario Car Insurance Works, take a look here.


Let’s Take a Look at the 5 Most Popular Ontario Car Insurance Options

Limited Waiver of Depreciation Endorsement – OPCF 43

If you’ve purchased a brand new vehicle, the OPCF 43, is a valuable option to your insurance policy. In the event of a total loss of your vehicle, this option waives the depreciation from your settlement. This option only applies to brand new cars purchased within 24 months.  The loss must have been caused by an incident the car is insured for. Other restrictions may apply.

Loss of Use Endorsement – OPCF 20

The cost of a rental vehicle can be covered through an addition to the standard car insurance policy. The addition is called an O.P.C.F 20 Loss of Use Endorsement. This endorsement covers cost of a rental vehicle while your vehicle is being repaired or replaced. Coverage is provided as long as the damage or loss to your vehicle was caused by an incident covered under your policy. In order to add this endorsement, your vehicle must have collision coverage. The rental vehicle coverage is available to a certain limit stated on your policy. Typical limits are in the range of $1,000 to $1,500.

Legal liability to Non-Owned Auto Endorsement – OPCF 27

Coverage for a rented or non-owned vehicle can be covered through an addition to the standard car insurance policy. The addition is called an O.P.C.F 27 – Legal liability to Non-Owned Auto Endorsement. Your policy must have collision coverage to add this endorsement. Coverage is available across Canada and the United States. Important to note, especially if you are a Canadian “snow bird” that travels to Florida for the winter; this endorsement is only valid for a period of not more than 30 days. This coverage only applies to vehicles that have a gross vehicle weight rating of 4,500 kilograms or less.


In the event you or an eligible person in your family are involved in a car accident where you are not at fault and the person responsible is not identified, has no insurance or has less insurance than you do than this coverage with give you the same limit of liability insurance that you carry.

Accident Forgiveness

After years of careful driving, you owe it to yourself to protect your driving record. Sometimes, accidents do happen and even after years of claims free driving, anat fault accident can increase your car insurance rate quite a bit.  Accident forgiveness protects your rate from going up due to an at-fault accident. This endorsement only applies to the company you are insured with and is not transferable to another company. You must have had insurance for the last 6 years with a claims free driving record.  Want to see if you qualify? Get a quote on car insurance online, over the phone or in person from one of our insurance brokers.