Student Rental Houses

 Humberview Insurance provides student rental house insurance for landlords across Ontario. As a landlord in Ontario you owe it to yourself to protect your investment with a policy tailored for student rental properties. Our policies also offer the convenience of monthly payment options.

insurance for student rentals


Building: Mandatory building covers damages to your student house, with our student program there are 2 types of coverages, depending on the age of your home or if the house has been completely renovated (new plumbing, wiring and roof within a recent period of time). Named perils or broad form coverage will be offered.

Liability: liability coverage is a core coverage which covers a landlord for trip and fall accidents of tenant’s guests or visitors up to a specified limit.

Rental income: coverage is a critical coverage which pays rental income to a stipulated limit and time when an insured loss occurs under the building coverage.

Appliances: appliances are covered to a stipulated limit provided by you. It is important to note that coverage is on actual cash value basis, not what was paid for the appliances. Therefore older appliances are usually not insured but it could be valuable coverage if you have recently purchased all brand new appliances.

Sewer Backup: coverage is another critical coverage which covers the rupture or escape of water through a sewer usually occurring in the basement up to a specified limit.


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