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Office Insurance For Your Business

The office is where dreams become accomplished, which is why it is vital you have a proper office insurance policy. You can get a custom policy with liability only and also add on extras such as equipment coverage to cover computers, phone systems and other expensive stuff you need to run your business - just make sure you tell us!

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What is Office Insurance?

Office insurance, in its most basic form should provide third party liability coverage for the premises your office occupies. Think if a client or member of the public were to visit and trip and fall because the floor was wet, or an office employee left a tap running and damaged the unit below.

What Office Insurance Is Not

Office insurance is not intended to cover the actual operations of your business. If you provide design work, make products or give advice you'd need a different type of policy in addition to your office policy, your office liability exposure can usually be added to the same policy that covers your actual business.


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