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About Home Insurance

For more than three decades, Humberview Insurance Brokers has been helping Ontario, Canada residents save on their house insurance. But that is not all we do, we analyze your situation and provide you a unique insurance solution for your home insurance needs. Whether, it is your first house, rental property or you are just shopping around, we provide expert advice and personal service from the moment you first compare quotes online to the moment you enjoy your perfect new coverage, and beyond.

Getting a Quote on Home Insurance

Let Humberview do the heavy lifting for you. Our licensed brokers are experienced at finding you home insurance, from our partner insurance companies. You don’t have to compare policies with a fine tooth comb; we do that for you. If you need a new policy, or if your home insurance is up for renewal, go ahead and put us to the test! Click here to get a great quote, fast.

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For more than three decades, Humberview Insurance Brokers has been helping Ontario, Canada residents save on car insurance. But that’s not all we do. We believe a happy driver is an educated driver, so besides great rates on car insurance, we also provide expert advice and personal service from the moment you get a quote to the moment you enjoy your perfect new coverage, and beyond.

Other Types of Home and Property Insurance

Rental Property Insurance

Rental Property Insurance

This is a policy designed to protect your property when you rent it out. Whether you rent out your property to a family, students or individuals - Humberview Insurance will help get the insurance you require. These policies may be written on a personal or commercial form. In some cases they can be standalone policies. Get a quote on rental property insurance and speak with one our brokers.

Estate Home Insurance

Estate Home Insurance

Estate of home insurance: In the delicate circumstance where a home forms part of an estate after a homeowners passing, it becomes imperative for the executor to safeguard the property. Whether the property is occupied by family, rented or becomes vacant - securing the appropriate insurance coverage is essential. Our brokers work with the executors through the intricacies of finding protection tailored to the property for in the estate of home insurance.

Vacant home

Vacant Home Insurance

Vacant home insurance is specifically tailored for properties that are unoccupied. Whether your home is awaiting sale, undergoing minor renovations, or you’re in between tenants, Humberview Insurance can provide the necessary coverage. Typically, these policies come with more restricted coverages, often excluding water damage among other risks. It's essential to understand the nuances of this insurance type, as the needs of a vacant property differ significantly from an occupied one. We recommend speaking with one of our brokers to explore your options and ensure your vacant property is adequately protected. Get a quote on vacant home insurance to start the conversation.


Seasonal Cottage and Secondary Home Insurance

Humberview Insurance offers cottage insurance for seasonal cottages and secondary homes, designed to cater to their unique needs. Our policies provide protection for various risks, including weather damage and liability, ensuring your property is well-protected whether it's a family retreat, seasonal rental, or part-time residence.


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