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For more than three decades, Humberview Insurance Brokers has been helping Ontario, Canada residents save on car insurance. But that’s not all we do. We believe a happy driver is an educated driver, so besides great rates on car insurance, we also provide expert advice and personal service from the moment you first compare quotes online to the moment you enjoy your perfect new coverage, and beyond.

Getting a Quote

Let Humberview do the heavy lifting for you. Our licensed brokers are experienced at finding the absolute lowest rates for your driving profile, from dozens of insurance companies. You don’t have to compare policies with a fine tooth comb to find the best one at the cheapest price; we do that for you. If you need a new policy, or if your car insurance is up for renewal, go ahead and put us to the test! Click here to get a great quote, fast.

High Risk Car Insurance

high risk car insurance in ontario

High Risk Car Insurance for drivers across Ontario. Drivers with impaired, speeding tickets or accidents. Get a Quote today. Read More »

Accident Forgiveness

Accident Forgiveness

Having your first at fault accident doesn't have to increase your rate on car insurance. Find out more about the accident forgiveness option. Read More »

New Car Guarantee

New Car Guarantee

This option allows you to receive the full value you paid for your car in the event of an accident, not a depreciated value. Click to Find out More »

Savings & Protection – Car Insurance

Savings & Protection - Car Insurance

Find out how you can receive all the discounts you deserve and increased options for added protection. $ave More »


Ontario Planning Stiffer Penalties

The Ontario government is making changes to the Highway Traffic Act in an effort to make the roads safer. The Ontario government is planning the following changes: Careless drivers who cause bodily harm or death will face a maximum of $50,000 in fines, two years in jail and five year license suspension with six demerit… Read More »

Moving from Saskatchewan to Ontario? Here’s How to Get Car Insurance in Ontario

car insurance ontario

If you have moved or planning on moving from Saskatchewan to Ontario here is a very quick tip on how to get car insurance. First, you would like for your driving experience from Saskatchewan to be recognized in Ontario, this will give you a better rate on your car insurance because without proof of prior… Read More »

Ontario Car Insurance Options

driving car across Ontario

Just like purchasing a car, when you walk into a dealership to purchase a car you may ask what options the vehicle has. This is really no different than buying car insurance in Ontario. The most basic car insurance policy in Ontario provides liability insurance at a certain limit and then you may add coverages… Read More »

New Driving Laws Effective September 1st 2015

car insurance in toronto

      The Ontario Ministry of Transportation has added new rules and harsher penalties. There are 3 main changes. Increased fines for distracted driving Increased fines for dooring cyclists and new rules for driving around cyclists Moving over for tow trucks providing assistance Distracted Driving                 As of September 1st 2015 the fines and… Read More »

What is Back On Track?

back on track ontario

If you have been convicted with an impaired driving conviction or have received more than 1 roadside suspension in the warn rage, one of the requirements in order to drive again is to attend a mandatory alcohol education program. The facts: The fee is between $178 for warn range drivers to $578 for convicted impaired… Read More »