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Insurance For Your Store

Protect your livelihood with shop insurance. As a business owner you work hard making sure inventory is there and customers are happy, you need an store insurance policy to help protect your business. Whether you sell online, in person or both we will help you create a business insurance policy unique to you and your shop. Contact us today to get a quote started

Why You Need Insurance for Your Shop or Store

  • As a tenant to a new space – a landlord may not even give you the keys without proof of liability insurance.
  • Even in the best kept stores accidents can happen, a customer can trip and fall and sue you and your business for negligence possibly resulting in thousands of dollars in legal fees which could otherwise may have been covered by insurance.
  • Your store is your livelihood, and a fire or a flood from a tenant above can cause you significant harm by shutting down your business. Business interruption insurance can cover loss of income because of an insured event such as a fire or water damage.
  • You’ve spent a lot on your stock, equipment and betterments and theft of these things can leave your business out of some serious amount of money.

Types of Retail Stores


Brewing Supply

Candy & Chocolate



Convenience Store

Dollar Stores

Flower Shop





Vegetable & Fruit

Vinyl Records

Wine Supply


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