Best Places to List a Rental Property

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is a great place to get exposure for your rental property to be people are searching. Millions of people use Facebook everyday and their marketplace allows users to post many photos, prices and information.

One downside perhaps is if you are going to use your personal profile to post your rental; tenants may know more information about you than if you were to list using other methods.


Kijiji has been the go to online classified website in Canada for a very long time. Many people still use it for listing items for sale or listing properties for rent.

Sometimes – The Old Fashion Way

If you have a rental in a high traffic area, sometimes this may be the cheapest and best option. Just put a sign for rent with your phone number. You will have immediate exposure of your property to people who are already living and working in the area.


Using a realtor is also a good way to gain exposure for your rental property. Your property should than be listed for rent on the website. Furthermore, as a part of their services, realtors should be using tenant screening services and drafting the lease agreement. This option usually costs about one months rent.

For Landlord of Student Rentals

One of the best ways for a student rental to list for maximum exposure is through the college or university’s off campus housing website. Sometimes the school may have a third party company handling this or they have their own rental listing site that allows landlords to get exposure to interested students.

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