Moving from Saskatchewan to Ontario? Here’s How to Get Car Insurance in Ontario

If you have moved or planning on moving from Saskatchewan to Ontario here is a very quick tip on how to get car insurance. First, you would like for your driving experience from Saskatchewan to be recognized in Ontario, this will give you a better rate on your car insurance because without proof of prior experience, your insurance rating in Ontario would be the same as a newly licensed driver. You will need to get your drivers abstract. This is a complete record of your accidents or convictions as well as vehicles which were registered to you. Follow the quick steps below to get your driving history from Saskatchewan so it can be recognized in Ontario.

  1. Contact SGI Canada to get a driver abstract request form: (the request form is located on right hand side under “related items”)
  2. Fill out the request form and send back to SGI by fax or email. Our suggestion would be to email it to them so you will have your abstract emailed back to you.
  3. Register for an Ontario Driver’s License
  4. Call our office for a quote on car insurance and send us a copy of your drivers abstract.
  5. Register your vehicle in Ontario, get it insured and start driving

These simple steps will save you time and money when registering your vehicle and getting car insurance in your new province of Ontario. All the best and welcome.

How to Get a Quote on Car Insurance in Ontario?

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