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Toyota Car Insurance

For over 30 years, Humberview Insurance Brokers has been dedicated to helping GMC vehicle owners in Ontario, Canada, secure the best deals on their car insurance. Our commitment goes beyond just competitive rates; we believe that a well-informed GMC driver is a happier, safer driver. That's why we offer expert advice and personalized service tailored specifically for GMC vehicles. From the initial quote to getting coverage—and even beyond—we're here to ensure your insurance experience is seamless and exceptional. Contact us today to get a quote on GMC car insurance in Ontario.

Standard Toyota Insurance in Ontario


This segment of your Toyota car insurance policy shields against any potential damage you might cause to others or their property. It's essential for Toyota drivers who prioritize safe and responsible driving practices.

Direct Compensation Property Damage

This covers damage to your Toyota from your own insurance company when you're not at fault. If you're responsible, collision or all perils coverage is essential. Keep in mind, starting January 1, 2024, there's an option to opt-out of this coverage.

Uninsured Automobile Coverage

Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Essential for Toyota owners, this ensures protection if you're struck by an uninsured driver or involved in a hit-and-run. It covers damage to your Toyota caused by an identified uninsured driver, safeguarding your valuable vehicle in such unexpected situations.

Accident Benefits

This ensures compensation if you or others are injured or killed in a car accident. For Toyota owners, it brings peace of mind, knowing that you and your passengers are covered. There are various options to enhance this coverage, so consulting with a broker is advisable.

Additional Coverages You Should Add For Your Toyota Insurance

Toyota Collision Coverage

This offers protection for your Toyota in case of hitting an object or another car. It's essential to protect your vehicle during a collision.

Comprehensive Coverage for Toyota

Provides coverage for specific types of damages like falling objects, theft, and fire. This is crucial for Toyota owners to shield their vehicle from various unforeseen events.

All Perils Coverage

The most extensive physical protection for your Toyota. This combines collision and comprehensive coverages and offers enhanced security against theft.

Accident Forgiveness Coverage

An extra option that safeguards your driving record and prevents your insurance rate from rising after your first at-fault accident. Particularly beneficial for Toyota drivers with a history of accident-free driving.

Depreciation Waiver Coverage

In case of a total loss, this ensures you receive the purchase price of your Toyota, offering a substantial financial safeguard.

Rental Vehicle Coverage

Provides a rental vehicle up to a specified limit after an insured loss, ensuring you stay mobile while your Toyota is being repaired.

How Toyota Car Insurance Rates are Determined


The Toyota Model You Drive

Factors like the model's engine size, cost, and safety ratings impact your insurance costs. Different Toyota models may have varying insurance costs based on these attributes.


How You Drive

If you drive many kilometers or use your Toyota for commuting, you'll generally pay more than someone who uses their vehicle occasionally for errands.


The Area in Which You Live

Your location and the areas where you frequently drive your Toyota affect your insurance rates. Typically, larger cities with more traffic have a higher risk of accidents, which could increase rates.


Driver Profile

Factors such as your age, driving history, number of tickets or accidents, and the age when you were first licensed can all influence your insurance rate.


All the Coverages You Choose

The specific coverages you select for your Toyota can affect the total cost. It's important to choose what's right for you, and our brokers can help with these decisions.


Discounts You Qualify for

Various discounts may be available. If you qualify, they can lower your final Toyota car insurance rate.

Ways You Can Save to Get a Cheap Toyota Car Insurance Quote

Bundle Insurance Policies

Combining your Toyota car insurance with a home insurance policy may qualify you for a multi-line discount.

Insure Multiple Vehicles

If you own more than one vehicle, including your Toyota, insuring all of them with the same company could give you a multi-vehicle discount.

Shop Around

In locations like Ontario, it's wise to explore different options for Toyota car insurance, whether through agents, brokers, or direct insurance companies. Given the variety of Toyota models, some insurers might offer better deals or specialized coverage.

Increase deductibles

Consider your ability to pay for minor damages to your Toyota and adjust your insurance deductible. This can potentially reduce your premium costs.

Pay Annually

Save on extra fees by paying for your Toyota car insurance annually or in larger installments. Monthly payments often have additional charges.

Install Winter Tires

Using winter tires on your Toyota isn't just crucial for safety in colder climates but may also lead to discounts on your car insurance.

Driver’s Training Course

For new or inexperienced Toyota drivers, completing an approved driver training course could lead to lower insurance costs.

Consider Renewal Discounts

Many insurance companies offer discounts for renewing policies. When looking for Toyota car insurance, consider long-term renewal prices and potential savings.

Toyota Auto Insurance by Model

Toyota Corolla

A compact sedan renowned for its reliability, fuel efficiency, and practicality. The Corolla appeals to drivers seeking a dependable daily commuter with comfortable seating and advanced safety features. Toyota Corolla Insurance Quote.

Toyota Camry

A mid-size sedan known for its smooth ride, spacious interior, and strong performance. The Camry offers a perfect balance of comfort and agility, making it an excellent choice for both individuals and families. Toyota Camry Insurance Quote.

Toyota RAV4

A popular compact SUV celebrated for its versatility, spacious cabin, and off-road capabilities. The RAV4 is an ideal option for adventure seekers and families, providing ample cargo space, advanced safety technology, and a comfortable ride for various journeys. Toyota RAV4 Insurance Quote.

Toyota Highlander

A versatile mid-size SUV, the Highlander excels in providing ample seating, cargo space, and advanced safety features for families of all sizes. With its smooth performance and upscale interior, the Highlander ensures a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience on every journey. Toyota Highlander Insurance Quote.

Toyota Sienna

The Toyota Sienna redefines the minivan segment with its combination of space, comfort, and technology. With its versatile seating options, advanced safety features, and smooth performance, the Sienna is perfect for families seeking convenience and peace of mind on the road. Protect your investment with a Toyota Sienna Insurance Quote now.

Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius revolutionized the hybrid market with its fuel efficiency, eco-friendly design, and advanced technology. With its distinctive silhouette, smooth performance, and spacious interior, the Prius remains a top choice for environmentally-conscious drivers seeking practicality and style. Secure your Toyota Prius Insurance Quote now.

Toyota Car Insurance FAQ

  • Is Toyota Insurance High?

    Toyota car insurance rates can vary from moderate to high, as Toyota offers a wide range of vehicles with different features and values. Several factors influence the cost:

    Safety Ratings:Toyota models typically have excellent safety ratings, which can positively impact insurance costs.

    Repair Costs:Depending on the model, Toyota vehicles might have varying repair costs, influencing insurance rates.

    Model and Features: Different Toyota models, from sedans like the Corolla to SUVs like the RAV4, have varying insurance costs based on their value, size, and specific features.

  • Is Toyota Fortuner Insurance Expensive?

    Insurance for the Toyota Fortuner might be higher due to its classification as a mid-size SUV. However, its advanced safety features and Toyota’s reputation for reliability can help offset the cost. Specific features that are costly to repair can impact premiums, and factors like the driver’s history and vehicle usage also play a role in determining the final rate.

  • What is the Most Affordable Toyota Model to Insure?

    Typically, Toyota models like the Vios or Wigo, known for their compact size and fuel efficiency, are among the more affordable options to insure. However, insurance rates also depend on personal factors such as driving record and location.

  • Is the Toyota RAV4 Cheap to Insure?

    The insurance cost for the Toyota RAV4 is generally moderate, but several factors can influence rates, including:

    Vehicle Value: As a popular compact SUV, the RAV4 holds its value well. While it's not a luxury vehicle, its above-average value compared to standard sedans can slightly impact insurance premiums.

    Safety Ratings: The Toyota RAV4 boasts excellent safety ratings and is equipped with advanced safety features, such as Toyota Safety Sense. These features can lead to lower insurance rates due to decreased risk of accidents.

    High Theft Rate:Historically, the Toyota RAV4 has had a relatively low theft rate compared to other SUVs in its class. This lower theft risk can contribute to more affordable insurance premiums.

    Repair Costs:The RAV4's reliable engineering and widespread availability of parts can keep repair costs reasonable. This factor can positively influence insurance rates since insurers consider the cost of repairs when determining premiums.

    Driver Profile:The typical RAV4 driver profile includes families and individuals seeking a versatile and practical vehicle. This demographic tends to have lower accident rates, which can result in more favorable insurance rates.

  • What is the Best Toyota for Ontario Roads?

    In Ontario, Toyota models equipped with all-wheel drive (AWD) are highly recommended for navigating winter conditions. Models to consider include:

    Toyota RAV4:The RAV4 offers AWD options, making it a popular choice for Ontario winters. Its compact SUV design provides versatility and stability on snowy roads.

    Toyota Highlander:This midsize SUV comes with available AWD, providing ample space for passengers and cargo while ensuring confident handling in winter weather.

    Toyota Camry:For those preferring a sedan, the Toyota Camry offers AWD variants suitable for city and highway driving in Ontario winters. Its reliable performance and fuel efficiency make it a practical choice for winter commuting.

    Equipping these Toyota models with quality snow tires further enhances their traction and handling in snowy and icy conditions, ensuring safer and more confident driving experiences during Ontario winters.

  • Are Toyotas Reliable Vehicles?

    Yes, Toyotas are renowned for their reliability and quality craftsmanship. They offer several advantages:

    Reliability:Toyota has a reputation for building durable and long-lasting vehicles.

    Resale Value:Toyotas typically retain their value well over time due to their reliability and brand reputation.

    Fuel Efficiency: Many Toyota models are designed with fuel efficiency in mind, offering savings at the pump.

    Safety: Toyota vehicles often come equipped with advanced safety features and strong build quality, providing peace of mind for drivers.

    Luxury and Comfort: Known for their comfortable rides and practical features, Toyotas cater to drivers seeking both reliability and comfort.

    Performance:Toyota vehicles are engineered to deliver solid performance and driving dynamics, making them suitable for various driving conditions and preferences.


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