Does a Speeding Ticket in Ontario Affect my Insurance?

Does a Speeding Ticket in Ontario Affect my Car Insurance?

A popular misconception amongst Ontario drivers is that a ticket without points will not affect their insurance. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Any moving violation such as a speeding ticket will affect your insurance.

What is the affect on Ontario Car Insurance and 1 Speeding Ticket?

Generally if you receive a minor speeding ticket you may lose your conviction-free discount and you may see a rate increase up to 10% or more. Some companies offer “minor conviction protection”, meaning that your rate won’t go up after the first minor ticket.

What happens after 3 or more tickets?

Depending on your Insurer’s rules if you receive 3 or more tickets, you may be non-renewed and must seek another company to insure you. This may result in a considerable rate increase.

Speeding ticket over 50 km/h over the speed limit?

In Ontario, speeding tickets over 50 km/h are classified as major tickets and may result in your insurance being cancelled. In this case you may have to seek out a company which provides high risk car insurance quotes.

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