City of Hamilton Rental Property Licensing

The City of Hamilton introduced a two-year Rental Housing Licensing pilot program in August 2021, targeting Wards 1, 8, and part of Ward 14. This program requires property owners to obtain a licence for rental housing units and buildings with five or fewer self-contained units, detached homes, or townhouses. The pilot, which began in 2022, … Read more

New Ontario Alcohol Sales: Ontario Accelerates Alcohol Sales Expansion to Corner Stores and Supermarkets

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has announced a new deal to accelerate the plan for selling beer, wine, and ready-to-drink cocktails in corner stores and additional supermarkets, set to start on September 4, 2024. This move, 16 months ahead of the original timeline, will cost the province up to $225 million to compensate The Beer Store, … Read more

Window Tint Law Canada | Are Tinted Windows Legal?

ing is not just a style statement for your car. It’s a smart choice that enhances aesthetics, provides privacy, and protects you from harmful ultraviolet rays. Understanding tinting laws is crucial to avoid fines and penalties so you can tint your car windows without any legal issues.  Window tint laws in Canada are not a … Read more

Ontario Government Proposes Stricter Impaired Driving Laws

Stricter Impaired Driving Penalties Coming to Ontario The Ontario government plans to introduce tough new measures for impaired driving, including ignition interlock devices and lifetime driving bans, to enhance road safety. Transportation Minister Prabmeet Sarkaria announced these measures as part of a broader initiative addressing licence suspensions for stunt driving and auto theft. Mandatory Alcohol … Read more

Car Thefts in Peel: Shocking 7,700+ incidents in 1 Year

In an unsettling trend, the Peel Region of Ontario, encompassing Mississauga and Brampton, is experiencing a significant number of car thefts, indicating a widespread issue that demands immediate attention Our analysis of data spanning from May 1, 2023, to May 1, 2024, reveals some concerning statistics: Key Findings of Peel Region Car Theft Analysis: . … Read more

Honda’s New $14 Billion Electric Vehicle and Battery Plant in Ontario

Sources say, Honda Canada is gearing up to revolutionize the automotive landscape by establishing a new electric vehicle (EV) battery plant alongside its existing manufacturing facilities in Alliston, Ontario. This bold $14 billion venture is part of a collaborative effort with the federal and Ontario governments, signaling a significant push towards sustainable automotive technologies in … Read more

Toronto Rooming Houses New Rules

On March 31st, 2024, the City of Toronto embarked on an ambitious initiative, unveiling a comprehensive framework for what is commonly known as rooming houses, or multi-tenant houses. This move aims to enrich the diversity of housing options available in all neighborhoods throughout Toronto, while ensuring these accommodations are well-maintained, secure, and affordable. Key Elements … Read more

Ignition Interlock Ontario

lady is happy driving a vehicle after getting ignition interlock installed in Ontario

About the Ontario Ignition Interlock Program The Ontario Ignition Interlock Program is mandatory for individuals who either have a conviction for impaired driving under the Canadian Criminal Code, or have incurred three or more impaired driving administrative suspensions within 10 years. After reinstating your license, installing an ignition interlock device in your vehicle is required … Read more

Electrifying the Roads: Canada’s iZEV Program

electric car ontario

Understanding the Push Towards Electric Vehicles Across the country, we see a large-scale adoption of electric vehicles that not only reduce carbon emissions but also help save money in the long term. Owners of these vehicles can now save hundreds of dollars in fuel prices and car maintenance, while also potentially benefiting from lower electric … Read more

Car Theft Prevention: Ideas for Ontario Drivers

mississauga car insurance theft

With the increasing number of car thefts in Ontario, we’ve compiled 8 essential considerations for drivers in the Province. Dive into our article, see what ideas there are to prevent car thefts as well as protecting your personal information, find out how car theft claims can impact your car insurance and look for the Youtube … Read more