How to Save Money on Car Insurance

Below are some quick tips on how to save for car insurance. Always speak with a broker to see if you qualify for them.

Combine Car and House Insurance for A Combined Discount

You should quote your home and auto with the same company to see if you qualify for a multi-policy discount. Of course, it has to make sense and you have to compare other quotes. As some companies may be cheaper on car insurance they may be more expensive on the house insurance and you should compare a few different options.

Winter Tire Discount

Putting winter tires on your car will usually result in a discount for personal car insurance. Not only will you get a discount, snow tires really do make a big difference in the safe handling of your car in bad winter weather.

Student Away Discount

If you have a child on your policy as an occasional driver, you may have been paying a little extra (or a lot) to have them on your policy. If they go away for college or university in a different city they may not drive as much and some insurers will offer you a discount if this is the case. Some conditions exist.

Green Car Discount

Some companies give discounts for driving a hybrid or green vehicle. Although, sometimes these vehicles may cost more to repair because of expensive parts so you really have to check whether the discount is worth it.

Graduating Licensing

By going through the graduated licensing system you may get a discount as well as having a discount for having the full license class.

Retiree Discount

If you are retired, some car insurance companies do offer a retiree discount.

Combine Cars

If you have more than one car, considering putting them on one policy to receive a multi-vehicle discount. Speak to a broker about doing this beforehand.

Autonomous Braking Discount

Autonomous braking is truly an impressive feature of a car and some companies will offer a discount for it. But keep in mind, that it can also increase the cost of the collision premium you pay because these parts are expensive to repair and replace.

Keep a Good Driving Record

Although, obvious but it needs to be said – by keeping a good driving record with no tickets and accidents will usually qualify you for better rates and conviction free discounts.

In General

Other discounts and ways to save can exist. Car insurance is based on many personalized factors so always speak with a broker about your car insurance options.

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