What Every Canadian Driver Should Have in Their Car

A Dash Cam.

That’s right, we believe every Canadian driver should have a dash cam in their car. Let’s face it, car insurance is expensive without any accidents or tickets. If you are a good driver that drives cautiously and obeys the rules of the road, why wouldn’t you want to have a dash cam to protect your version of events in case of an accident?

Why You Should Have a Dash Cam

  • Accidents happen, and when they happen insurance companies rely on the drivers and witnesses of the accident to determine who is at fault.
  • In the event that both stories conflict or one driver blames the other and it cannot be determined who is actually at fault – than both drivers are found at fault – which impacts both driving records.

Is it Easy to Buy & Install a Dash Cam?

  • Yes, Amazon has many different types of dash cams and so does your local BestBuy. Some models even come with extra-long cords that just plug right into your car’s 12V battery charger.
  • You can also visit most car audio shops, as they will usually sell a preferred model and provide installation.

Dash Cams & Car Insurance

Currently there are no discounts for putting a dash cam in your car. But, if a dash cam can prove you were not at fault in an accident, a dash cam could possibly save you thousands of dollars in future years of increased car insurance premium.

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