What is Back On Track?

If you have been convicted with an impaired driving conviction or have received more than 1 roadside suspension in the warn rage, one of the requirements in order to drive again is to attend a mandatory alcohol education program.

The facts:

  • The fee is between $178 for warn range drivers to $578 for convicted impaired drivers
  • The program consists of an education and treatment workshop. Warn range drivers only need to complete Education or Treatment
  • An initial assessment will determine the class either education or treatment
  • The education workshop is a one day program which consists of information about alcohol or drugs affect driving performance, legal and personal consequences of impaired driving and ways to avoid drinking
  • The two day treatment work shop will consist of learning about why people may drink, committing to reducing or stopping problem use of alcohol and drugs, making healthier choices and strategies for managing stress, communication.
  • Six months after finishing your education or treatment workshop, a follow up interview takes place which was assess your success and reinforces strategies for avoiding drinking and driving.

if you have been given a warn range suspension your license will be suspended until the program is completed. You will also have 120 from the start of the suspension to complete the education workshop and 180 to complete the treatment workshop. If you have been convicted of impaired driving your license will remain suspended until Back on Track is Completed. You will only get your license back when Back on Track is completed, all fees and penalties have been paid and your suspension ends.

For More information please visit: http://www.remedial.net

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