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DUI Insurance

For over 30 years, Humberview Insurance Brokers has been a leading provider of DUI insurance for residents of Ontario, Canada, offering competitive rates and specialized coverage for drivers with an impaired driving charge. Understanding the unique challenges faced by drivers after a DUI, we specialize in finding affordable insurance solutions tailored to those who need car insurance, including drivers seeking cheap car insurance after a DUI. Our commitment extends beyond just offering competitive DUI insurance rates; we aim to empower drivers with knowledge and support. We provide expert advice and personalized service. From your initial inquiry about auto insurance after a DUI to securing your policy – and beyond – our team is dedicated to guiding you through every step, ensuring a transparent and exceptional insurance experience. Contact us today to explore your options for DUI car insurance in Ontario.

Standard Car Insurance After a DUI in Ontario


Liability portion of your car insurance policy provides protection against damage you cause to other people or their property

Direct Compensation property Damage

Covers damage to your vehicle from your own insurance company to the extent you are not at fault. (For portion you are at-fault you would need collision or all perils coverage)

Uninsured Automobile Coverage

Protects you if you are hit by an uninsured motorist or by hit and run driver. This portion will cover damage to your automobile caused by an identified uninsured motorist.

Accident Benefits

Provides compensation if you or others are hurt or killed in a car accident.

When seeking DUI car insurance in Ontario, it's important to understand that the policy will include standard coverages as mandated by provincial regulations. These coverages, some of which are compulsory, are integral to any auto insurance policy, including those designed for drivers with a DUI. Our DUI insurance policies adhere to these standards, ensuring both compliance and comprehensive protection.

Additional Coverage Options Available for Your Ontario DUI Car Insurance Policy

Collision Coverage

Covers your damage to your car a result of hitting an object or another car.

Comprehensive Coverage

Covers some insured damages such as falling objects, theft and fire.

All Perils Coverage

Most extensive physical coverage for your car. Covers collision + comprehensive and better theft coverage.

Accident Forgiveness Coverage

Extra coverage that protects your driving record and your insurance rate from going up from your first at-fault accident. Typically, you need to have been insured accident free for a set number of years to qualify.

Depreciation Waiver Coverage

Gives you the purchase price of the vehicle in the event of a total loss.

Rental Vehicle Coverage

Provides you with a rental vehicle to a specified limit after an insured loss.

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How Does a Driver End Up Needing DUI Car Insurance in Ontario?

  • Guidelines for Insurers: In Ontario, car insurance companies follow guidelines from the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario.
  • Varied Criteria Among Insurers: Different insurers have varying criteria for insuring drivers, especially those with DUI offenses.
  • High Risk and DUI Insurance: Drivers with DUI offenses often fall into the high-risk category.
    • Specialized DUI Insurers: Some insurers specialize in DUI insurance for drivers with impaired driving charges
    • Higher Rates for DUI Insurance: SDUI insurance typically comes with higher rates due to increased risk.
  • Facility Association: A Safety Net for High-Risk Drivers Needing DUI Insurance:
    • For Extremely High-Risk Drivers: It provides insurance for drivers too risky for standard and high-risk insurers, including those with DUI offenses.
    • Managed by Various Companies: The Facility Association is managed by different insurance companies.
    • Higher Cost Policies: Reflects the heightened risk of insuring DUI drivers.
  • Temporary Solution: Whether you need a high risk car insurance company or the Facility Association, this arrangement is meant to be temporary, helping DUI drivers improve their records and eventually find more affordable insurance options.

Factors Influencing DUI Car Insurance Rates in Ontario


Your Choice of Vehicle

Your insurance rates can vary based on factors like the size of your car's engine, its cost, and its safety ratings. Opting for a safer and more fuel-efficient vehicle can help keep your insurance expenses in check.


How You Drive

The frequency and purpose of your driving, whether it's daily commuting or occasional trips, can influence the amount you pay for insurance coverage.


Where You Live

Residing in busy urban areas or high-traffic regions can elevate the risk of accidents, thus affecting your insurance premiums.


Your Driving Profile

Factors such as your age, driving track record, and any prior infractions contribute to your driver profile. Individuals with an impaired driving / DUI charge typically face elevated insurance costs, highlighting the importance of maintaining a spotless driving record post-DUI.


Coverage Selection

The types of insurance coverage you choose have a direct impact on your overall insurance expenses. It's crucial to make sure you are adequately protected while choosing coverages and looking at the total cost of car insurance after a DUI.


Available Savings

Exploring potential discounts for which you qualify can help lower your insurance expenses, although the availability of discounts may vary depending on your driving history.

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How To Save On Car Insurance After DUI

Comparison Shop

Take the time to compare quotes from various insurance providers to find competitive rates tailored to drivers with higher risk profiles.

Bundle Your Policies

Consider consolidating your car insurance with your homeowners policy, to access potential discounts.

Adjust Deductibles

You can potentially lower your premiums by opting for higher deductibles, but make sure they align with your financial capabilities.

Choose Vehicle Wisely

When selecting a vehicle, prioritize models that are cheaper to insure, taking into account factors like safety ratings and repair costs.

Hunt for Discounts

Be proactive in asking about available discounts, such as those for low mileage, to maximize savings on your insurance premiums.

Annual Payments

Opting to pay your insurance premium annually instead of monthly can help you avoid extra fees typically associated with monthly payments.

Winter Tire Benefits

Installing winter tires may make you eligible for discounts, particularly in regions like Ontario where this practice is incentivized.

Multi-Vehicle Policies

If you have multiple vehicles, consider insuring them under the same policy to potentially qualify for multi-vehicle discounts, which can be especially advantageous for drivers deemed high-risk.

Consult with an agent or broker specializing in DUI car insurance to determine if these savings strategies apply to your unique situation. Remember, this advice is general and should not be solely relied upon in your search for cheap DUI car insurance.

Tips for DUI Car Insurance Drivers

For drivers in Ontario who require DUI car insurance, the goal is not just obtaining coverage but also improving driving records. DUI car insurance policies offer an opportunity to rehabilitate driving habits and eventually qualify for better car insurance rates. This process not only leads to financial benefits but also promotes safer driving, benefiting all road users in Ontario. Here are some practical tips for drivers navigating the realm of DUI car insurance.

Obey traffic laws

This is even more crucial post-DUI to rebuild a clean driving record.

Prioritize Safe and Sober Driving

Commit to never driving under the influence again; plan for alternative transportation if needed.

Stress Management

Develop strategies to manage stress, as emotional stability is key to safe driving.

Seek Support for Alcohol Management

If you believe alcohol use is becoming a problem, it's crucial to seek help. Joining support groups or online forums dedicated to alcohol cessation can provide valuable guidance and a supportive community, aiding in your journey towards safer driving and overall well-being

Consider Joining a Gym

Regular exercise can be a great way to manage stress and improve overall health. Joining a gym offers a structured environment to stay active, which can positively impact both your physical and mental well-being, contributing to safer driving habits.

DUI Insurance FAQ

  • How is Impaired Driving by Alcohol Defined in Ontario?

    In Ontario, impaired driving by alcohol is defined as operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol to the extent that the ability to drive safely is impaired. The legal limit for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in Ontario is:

    • 80 milligrams (mg) of alcohol per 100 milliliters (ml) of blood,
    • 100 milligrams (mg) of alcohol per 100 milliliters (ml) of urine, or
    • 0.08% blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

    Exceeding this limit while operating a motor vehicle constitutes impaired driving, and individuals caught driving with a BAC over this limit can face severe penalties, including fines, license suspension, and even imprisonment. Additionally, Ontario has implemented administrative penalties for drivers with BAC levels between 0.05% and 0.08%, including license suspensions and vehicle impoundment.

  • Why Does a Driver Need DUI Car Insurance in Ontario?

    • In Ontario, drivers require DUI (Driving Under the Influence) car insurance, also referred to as high-risk car insurance, if they have been convicted of impaired driving or related offenses, such as driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) above the legal limit.
    • In Ontario, all vehicles must be insured. However, not all insurance providers offer coverage for drivers with a DUI or impaired driving charge.
    • Consequently, drivers must seek out specialized insurance companies to ensure both their vehicle and themselves as drivers are adequately insured

  • How Long Will My Impaired Driving Charge Affect My Car Insurance Rate in Ontario, Canada?

    • In Ontario, Canada, an impaired driving charge can significantly impact your car insurance rates for up to six years.
    • Typically, a conviction for impaired driving (including charges related to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs) stays on your driving record for three years from the date of the conviction.
    • During this time, you can expect your insurance premiums to increase substantially, as insurers generally view impaired driving convictions as high risk behavior.
    • Even after the three-year period, some insurance companies may continue to consider the suspension when determining your rates for a longer time, usually up to six years.

  • Can I get car insurance in Ontario after a DUI?

    Yes, it is possible to get car insurance in Ontario after a DUI conviction. However, obtaining coverage may be more challenging and expensive.

    • Some insurance companies in Ontario may refuse coverage for drivers with a DUI conviction for up to six years following the conviction.
    • This can significantly limit your options and lead to higher premiums.
    • It's essential to shop around and explore different insurance providers to find one willing to insure you, albeit at potentially higher costs.
    • Additionally, working with a Licensed Insurance Broker or agent can help navigate the complexities of obtaining insurance after a DUI conviction.

  • How can I reduce my insurance rates after a DUI in Ontario?

    • Shop around: Compare quotes from multiple insurance companies, brokers, and agents to find the best rates available.
    • Prioritize a clean driving record: While some insurers may still offer coverage after a DUI conviction, even minor infractions like speeding tickets can significantly impact your premiums. Maintaining a spotless driving record is crucial post-DUI.
    • Explore different vehicle options: The type of vehicle you drive can affect your insurance rates. Consider vehicles with lower insurance costs and discuss options with your insurance provider.
    • Consult with a Licensed Insurance Broker: Seek advice from a qualified insurance professional who can provide personalized strategies to reduce your car insurance premiums following an impaired driving suspension.

  • Is Reddit a reliable source for advice on DUI car insurance?

    • It is essential to consult a Licensed Insurance Broker or Agent before making any decisions.
    • While Reddit provides a platform for sharing experiences, insurance is a complex product, and it's crucial to seek advice from a licensed professional before taking action.

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