Homeowners: receive up to $3,200 from the City of Toronto’s Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program

After the most recent flooding that occurred across the Greater Toronto Area, residents especially in the Toronto area are concerned about how to prevent future sewer backups in extreme weather conditions. What many people don’t know is, is that The City of Toronto has a Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program. This program allows Toronto residents to receive up to $3,200 in subsidy for basement flooding preventative measures.

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Sewer Backups & Your Insurance

If you are looking for home insurance in Toronto, you should know that depending where you live insurance companies may limit the amount in sewer backup coverage you are eligible for or may not even offer it. This is because that area may be flagged as being prone to sewer backups. In most cases, higher coverage can be offered by your insurance company after showing proof that a licensed contractor has installed a sewer backup valve and sump pump. This is to ensure that proper preventative measures have been implemented in avoiding a sewer backup claim.

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