Toronto Rooming Houses New Rules

On March 31st, 2024, the City of Toronto embarked on an ambitious initiative, unveiling a comprehensive framework for what is commonly known as rooming houses, or multi-tenant houses. This move aims to enrich the diversity of housing options available in all neighborhoods throughout Toronto, while ensuring these accommodations are well-maintained, secure, and affordable.

Key Elements of the Toronto Rooming House Framework:

  • The framework paves the way for legally operating rooming houses across the city.
  • It mandates a licensing system for rooming house operators, emphasizing the upholding of health and safety standards.
  • A dedicated team will implement an enforcement and compliance program.
  • Rooming houses will undergo mandatory annual inspections.
  • The introduction of heftier fines for non-compliance.
  • Establishment of a Multi-Tenant House Licensing Tribunal.
  • Rooming house landlords may have access to a renovation program, offering financial aid and support to sustain the availability of affordable multi-tenant housing.

What is Multi-Tenant Housing

The City of Toronto defines multi-tenant housing “as a building where four or more rooms are rented out to separate people”, with each tenant occupying a room as their primary living space and sharing facilities like kitchens and/or bathrooms.

Multi-Tenant House Insurance

Crucial Advisory: It’s important to recognize that landlord insurance companies may have differing definitions of rooming houses. Therefore, consulting with a Toronto home insurance broker is crucial to accurately determine the classification of your property for insurance purposes when seeking insurance for multi-tenant housing or house insurance in general.