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Welcome to Humberview Insurance’s News section. This is our blog where we share information, news and advice as it may relate to insurance, business and landlords. We are an insurance brokerage with headquarters in Toronto, Canada. We provide car insurancehome insurancelandlord insurance and business insurance across Ontario, Canada.

Some of our information may be directly related to insurance and others general information regarding broader topics. Our goal is to give you information and we hope that you share it or join in on the conversation in the comments section below.

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  • Calling & Driving An Expensive Call for your Car Insurance

    Calling & Driving An Expensive Call for your Car Insurance

    Since October 26th 2009 the Province of Ontario has banned hand held devices while driving. As of February 1st 2010 the fine for driving while using a hand held is $280 but drivers who receive a summons to court or who contest the ticket may face a fine of up to $500. There are no…

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  • Student Landlords: Enhanced Coverage Feature

    Student Landlords: Enhanced Coverage Feature

    As a student landlord renting to students you understand there could be a downtime where students do not occupy the house during the summer months. One way to collect rents during this time is to have a 12 month lease, even still students may pay for these months but the house could sit empty from…

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  • More Cities Regulating Rental Housing & Student Rentals

    More Cities Regulating Rental Housing & Student Rentals

    Many cities in Ontario are looking to regulate rental housing and student housing in order for landlords to comply with rental bylaws. If you are shopping for Oshawa Student Rental House Insurance, you can also find information regarding Oshawa student housing, Durham region student housing and cities across Ontario below. This list will be updated…

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  • Ontario Landlord Insurance: Somethings you should know

    Ontario Landlord Insurance: Somethings you should know

    By owning a rental property for investment purposes, it is important to protect your investment against disasters such as fire. Having insurance may even be mandatory when a mortgage provider will insist that building insurance is in place. Even if you don’t have a mortgage having insurance is a good idea. Read below to find…

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  • International Landlord? No Problem.

    International Landlord? No Problem.

    As a landlord living overseas getting Ontario landlord insurance can get a little tricky. At Humberview Insurance we can provide rental property insurance for expats, retirees and individuals living overseas. This includes single family rented dwellings, multi-family rented buildings, commercial buildings, student rentals and other types of rental properties in Ontario. Things to Consider as…

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  • The Latest on Toronto Car Insurance

    The Latest on Toronto Car Insurance

    As a driver in the Greater Toronto Area and in Ontario you may be glad to hear of industry initiatives which insurers and industry experts are hoping help control the cost of auto insurance. Read more below on Toronto car insurance and changes to the Ontario auto insurance industry. Toronto Car Insurance Rate Reductions As…

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