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Welcome to Humberview Insurance’s News section. This is our blog where we share information, news and advice as it may relate to insurance, business and landlords. We are an insurance brokerage with headquarters in Toronto, Canada. We provide car insurancehome insurancelandlord insurance and business insurance across Ontario, Canada.

Some of our information may be directly related to insurance and others general information regarding broader topics. Our goal is to give you information and we hope that you share it or join in on the conversation in the comments section below.

That being said, we must expressly state that this is for general information only and is meant for you, our reader to be thought provoking. We will not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the information because before making any decisions regarding insurance or any other matters it is best to speak with a licensed individual as every situation is unique and information should not be relied upon as specific to your situation. We wish you all the best and hope to hear from you, thank you.

  • DUI & Car Insurance in Ontario an Expensive Mix

    DUI & Car Insurance in Ontario an Expensive Mix

    Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a criminal offence under the Criminal Code of Canada. You can be charged even if your car is parked while being impaired at the wheel. Impaired driving can result because of alcohol consumption and even the use of drugs, including legal, prescription and over the…

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  • What kind of insurance does my bar in Toronto need?

    What kind of insurance does my bar in Toronto need?

    As Toronto grows, so do the various industries supporting it. The hospitality and entertainment industry is clearly no exception. Nightclubs, bars, lounges and resto-lounges each provide a unique experience and have been popping up across Toronto. Neighborhoods in Toronto like Queen Street, Dundas, Ossington and Roncesvalles have seen a surge in these types of establishments,…

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  • About Landlord Insurance

    About Landlord Insurance

    As a small to medium sized landlord in Ontario or even a landlord to be, this post will give you a general overview of your options when it comes to insuring your rental property and getting landlord insurance. We will try and break things down and make it as easy as possible to understand, but…

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