10 Tips to Protect Your Home from Water Damage

After today’s rain storm in Toronto we thought it might be a good idea to go over a few ways you as a home owner or landlord can protect your house and property from water damage. 1.Clean gutters of leaves and debris Rainfall on your roof needs a proper channel to exit the roof and … Read more

Why an Airbnb Host Needs Home Sharing Insurance

Many Ontario, Canada property owners are turning to Airbnb to rent out their properties on a short term basis for some extra cash, some may even do it as a full time business. It is important for you as a landlord to know what kind ofAirbnb home insurance you need and also what is included … Read more

A Great Flooring Choice for Any Rental Property

Many times when redoing a rental property, a landlord may wonder what floor they should put in their property that looks good, is relatively inexpensive and perhaps most importantly will outlast the wear and tear of everyday life? A few years ago this could have been a hard question to ask but more recently flooring … Read more

Why is my building limit more than I paid for the building?

Understanding Insurance Valuations vs Property Purchase Price A frequent inquiry in insurance discussions involves the disparity between the insurance coverage amount and the property’s purchase price. Clients often wonder, “Why is the building coverage valued at $385,000 when I purchased the property, including the land, for just $265,000?” This question is both valid and common, … Read more