International Landlord? No Problem.

As a landlord living overseas getting Ontario landlord insurance can get a little tricky. At Humberview Insurance we can provide rental property insurance for expats, retirees and individuals living overseas. This includes single family rented dwellings, multi-family rented buildings, commercial buildings, student rentals and other types of rental properties in Ontario.

Things to Consider as an International Landlord

  • Have a friend, relative or professional management company agree to look over the property for maintenance issues, collecting rents and general assistance
  • Have lease agreements with tenants outlining responsibilities for snow removal and general housekeeping
  • Holding a Canadian bank account to collect rent and make payments for utilities and bills
  • Require your tenants to have tenants insurance, not only for their contents but for their legal liability as well. (tip: a landlord policy does not cover the contents of a tenant)

Types of Coverages Available:

  • Building insurance is designed to cover the costs of damage caused by insured events such as fire.
  • Appliances coverage for items such as fridges, stoves and washing machines from insured perils.
  • Liability the legal liability you as a landlord have for injury or death of a person on your property
  • Loss of rent the loss of rental income from an insured event

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