Ontario Planning Stiffer Penalties

The Ontario government is making changes to the Highway Traffic Act in an effort to make the roads safer. The Ontario government is planning the following changes:

  • Careless drivers who cause bodily harm or death will face a maximum of $50,000 in fines, two years in jail and five year license suspension with six demerit points.
  • Distracted Driers will face a license suspension of three days and a maximum $1,000 fine with higher penalties for future offences.
  • Drivers who fail to yield for pedestrians will face a maximum $1,000 fine and four demerit points.
  • Commercial drivers will be subject to a zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy, with a three day license suspension.
  • Further changes will include increased fines for impaired driving and tougher penalties for novice drivers who violate the already existing zero tolerance policy for them.

Important to note that drivers convicted with impaired driving, careless driving and distracted driving can face higher car insurance premiums because these tickets show up on a driver’s record. Toronto car insurance premiums and car insurance across Ontario is among the highest in Canada.

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