Woodbridge Contractors Insurance

We provide Woodbridge Contractors Insurance. Woodbridge, Ontario is one of those cities that is always go-go and go. You need an insurance company that will be there for you and be there for you quickly. Operating a construction business in Woodbridge you will face your own set of challenges competing with many contractors for the next big contract all the while trying to stay competitive. This means you want an insurance company ready to help you secure that contract and also protect you should the worst happen. We will help make the process simple and easy. Fill out an online application today and have one of our brokers contact you.

Why you Need Woodbridge Contractors Insurance

  • Our insurance will protect you if someone believes you are negligent and have caused third party property damage or bodily injury as a result of your business operations
  • If you are hired to act as a subcontractor, many times the general contractor will ask for proof of insurance
  • As the world evolves into a more contract based society, even completing the most simple of tasks, customers will want to see that you are insured.
  • Bidding on municipal, government and commercial contracts in Ontario will likely mean that having liability insurance is mandatory typically between $2 million and $5 million Commercial General Liability Insurance and in some cases more depending on the work involved
  • Instill confidence to potential clients that you are a well established business that is licensed, registered and insured.


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