Guelph Restaurant Insurance

Operating a restaurant in Guelph comes with its own challenges. Customers expect an identical, high quality experience each and every time – and so far, you’ve delivered. But are you prepared for a broken water pipe, kitchen fire or even a food quality incident that compromises your ability to serve a high volume of customers every day?

When an unforeseen event strikes, you need an insurance broker ready to help – fast. Besides core liability coverage, Humberview Insurance offers a full suite of restaurant insurance solutions, like business interruption insurance after an insured accident. Our decades of experience working within the hospitality industry means we know the risks – and how to minimize your exposure. For Guelph restaurant insurance protection options made fresh for you, get started with a fast quotation form:

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Why You Need Guelph Restaurant Insurance?

  • Our restaurant policy will protect you if someone believes you are negligent and have caused property damage or bodily injury as a result of your restaurant operations. Including if someone tries to sue you if they believe they were food poisoned.
  • Slips and falls to customers can occur in even in the best kept restaurants and these injuries can lead to lawsuits holding you and your business negligent.
  • Flare-ups in the kitchen can quickly spread and create severe damage which you may be sued for.
  • We offer a host of optional coverages for your restaurant to keep you cooking, by adding our policy to your menu, your best interests are protected.


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