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Strathroy Car Insurance

For over thirty years, Humberview Insurance Brokers has been a trusted partner for residents of Strathroy, Ontario, and nearby regions in securing their Strathroy car insurance needs. If you're in pursuit of a competitive Strathroy car insurance quote, our dedication goes beyond just finding you an affordable rate. We are eager to connect you with one of our licensed Insurance Brokers. These professionals are well-versed in the nuances of car insurance and are committed to guiding you, providing expert advice, and standing by your side during claims.

Standard Car Insurance in Strathroy, Ontario


Liability portion of your car insurance policy provides protection against damage you cause to other people or their property

Direct Compensation Property Damage

Covers damage to your vehicle from your own insurance company to the extent you are not at fault. (For portion you are at-fault you would need collision or all perils coverage). As of January 1 2024, there is an option to opt out of this coverage.

Uninsured Automobile Coverage

Protects you if you are hit by an uninsured motorist or by a hit and run driver. This portion will cover damage to your automobile caused by an identified uninsured motorist.

Accident Benefits

Provides compensation if you or others are hurt or killed in a car accident.

Extra Coverages for your Strathroy Car Insurance to Take You Those Extra Km’s

Collision Coverage

Covers your damage to your car as a result of hitting an object or another car

Comprehensive Coverage

Covers some insured damages such as falling objects, theft and fire.

All Perils Coverage

Most extensive physical coverage for your car. Covers collision + comprehensive and better theft coverage.

Accident Forgiveness Coverage

Extra coverage that protects your driving record and your insurance rate from going up from your first at-fault accident. Typically, you need to have been insured accident free for a set number of years to qualify.

Depreciation Waiver Coverage

Gives you the purchase price of the vehicle in the event of a total loss.

Rental Vehicle Coverage

Provides you with a rental vehicle to a specified limit after an insured loss.

How Strathroy Car Insurance Rates Determined


The Car you Drive

Factors such as engine size, the cost of the vehicle and safety ratings can all make an impact to how much you will pay for car insurance.


How you Drive

Generally, if you are driving many kilometers or driving to work you will generally pay more than someone that just used their vehicle for occasional driving and errands.


The Area in Which You Live

The area in which you live and where you most often drive affect the price you pay for car insurance. Generally, big cities have more traffic this makes the risk of accidents being higher.


Driver Profile

Things like your age, your driving history, how many tickets, accidents, when you got licensed as well as other factors can all play a part in making your rate..


All the Coverages You Choose

Some coverages you choose can add up and it is up to you to determine which are best fit for you. Our brokers can help you decide.


Discounts You Qualify for

A variety of eligible discounts can be added if you qualify that may impact your final car insurance rate.

Ways you Can Save to Get Cheap Strathroy Car Insurance


Add your house policy to get a multi-line discount..

Insure two or more vehicles

Insuring your vehicles with the same company can result in you receiving a multi-vehicle discount for all vehicles on the policy.

Shop Around

In Ontario, there are many options for car insurance whether through agents, brokers or direct companies. There are many offerings.

Increase deductibles

Determine how much you are comfortable covering yourself if minor damage occurs and adjust your deductible accordingly.

Pay Yearly

Some insurers charge a maximum rate of 1.3% for paying for your car insurance on a monthly basis. If your company is charging you for paying monthly – ask about paying annually or in larger installments to avoid fees.

Install winter tires

Installing winter tires on your vehicles just makes sense for winter driving, but it can also save you money on what you pay for your car insurance.

Take a Drivers Training course

If you are a young or inexperienced driver the price you pay for car insurance might be improved by taking an approved driver training course.

Consider Renewing

Insurers typically give renewal discounts after a year or three and it might be wise to consider what the renewal price will be when you are shopping around.

Tips for Driving in Strathroy

Mind Speed Limits

Whether in the bustling town center or on quieter rural roads, always adhere to the posted speed limits.

Local Festivals and Markets

The town often hosts various events, so always be prepared for increased traffic during these times.

Stay Weather Alert

Strathroy experiences a range of weather conditions. Stay updated with forecasts, especially during changing seasons, and adapt your driving habits.

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Did You Know About Strathroy?

From the moment you reach out for a quote, our commitment shines through. Strathroy, known for its agricultural contributions and rich history, emphasizes the need for reliable Strathroy car insurance. Whether you're visiting one of its many farmers' markets or venturing out of the town, you deserve peace of mind on the road.

Neighborhoods in Strathroy and Their Postal Code Prefixes

Downtown (N7G)

The commercial and cultural hub of Strathroy with various shops, eateries, and attractions.

South Strathroy (N7G)

Featuring a mix of residential neighborhoods and parks, making it a peaceful area.

West Strathroy (N7G)

Known for its open spaces and family-friendly environment.

East Strathroy (N7G)

A blend of residential communities and local businesses.

Busiest Streets in Strathroy

Caradoc Street

Front Street

Metcalfe Street

McKellar Street

Strathroy Car Insurance FAQ

strathroy Car Insurance Quotes For Different Types of Car Insurance

Clean Record Car Insurance in Strathroy

For drivers in Strathroy with impeccable driving records, Humberview Insurance Brokers is your go-to choice. Our prime objective is to deliver affordable Strathroy car insurance solutions. We aim to pair you with our adept, licensed Insurance Brokers who will assist you throughout, especially when managing claims.

Strathroy Commercial Auto Insurance

For decades, Humberview Insurance Brokers has been the preferred choice for Commercial Auto Insurance in Strathroy. Whether you're an entrepreneur, operate a local café, or use your vehicle for business purposes, we're here to assist. Our specialists formulate insurance policies tailored to your specific needs, guaranteeing you're comprehensively covered. Rely on us for the best Commercial Auto Insurance solutions in Strathroy.

High Risk Car Insurance in Strathroy

Certain drivers in Strathroy might need high-risk car insurance due to previous misdemeanors or circumstances. This specialized insurance caters to those considered a higher liability, perhaps because of past driving misjudgments. Such actions can not only endanger the roads but may also lead to significant legal consequences. Other reasons to opt for high-risk car insurance in Strathroy include recurring traffic offenses, responsibility in accidents, or coverage lapses. This insurance allows residents the chance to reform their driving history while staying duly protected on the roads.

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