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Shopping for car insurance in Toronto can be a hard, sometimes boring but a necessary endeavor. There is loads of competition from different car insurance providers such as banks, companies and agents. And there seems to be a new animal or reptile promoting some type of new car insurance company at least once every year.

Ontario car insurance prices are constantly changing, companies emerge and rules change which can make finding car insurance especially difficult, especially if your situation changes. Situations can include a new address, tickets or simply your old company increasing the rate year over year.

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How To Get The Best Quote from An Online Car Insurance Calculator

  • Have the car’s VIN
    Number or Year, Make & Model

  • Have your License &
    Insurance History Ready

  • Know the Dates of Any
    Tickets & Accidents

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What Affects Your Toronto Car Insurance Rate?


Car Insurance Rates in Ontario are no longer simple, algorithms based on many factors are used to give you a personalized rate of insurance. Some top factors include:

  1. Your Age
  2. Your Postal Code in Toronto
  3. Your Vehicle
  4. Your Distance Driven to Work
  5. Your Annual Mileage
  6. Your Tickets & Accidents
  7. Your Loyalty to 1 Company
  8. Your Total Years LIcensed
  9. Your Total Years Insured

Read More About Other Factors Here

Ways to Save On Your Car Insurance

  • Bundle Your

    Car + Home Insurance

  • Put on Winter


  • Check for

    Autonomous Braking Discount

    autonomous braking

  • Green Vehicle


  • Graduated


  • Retiree


  • Multi-Vehicle


  • Clean Driving


Are You a Toronto High Risk Car Insurance Driver?

You can be considered a high risk car insurance driver for many reasons,most common reasons to be considered a high risk driver include:

  • Impaired Driving Conviction (DUI)


  • Too Many Car Accidents
  • Too Many Speeding Tickets
  • Talking or Texting While Driving

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Toronto Neighborhoods

Did You Know Toronto has over 200 Neighborhoods?

It’s important to know as Toronto is a large City, and every neighborhood is unique. Some neighborhoods may also have lower car insurance rates than others which is why it can be important which neighborhood in Toronto you call home! Check out below just some of the neighborhoods located in Toronto.

6 Tips For Driving in Toronto From 1 Torontonian to Another

  • 1. Give bicyclists their space. As they must share the road with drivers when bike lanes are not available.

  • 2. Always look out where a Toronto street car might stop. Be prepared to stop behind it until passengers have entered and exited and the doors are closed

  • 3. When driving In Toronto, North, South, East or West – be prepared for construction delays.

  • 4. Be on the lookout for pedestrians crossing the road, even if there is no crosswalk.

  • 5. Try to avoid driving directly over streetcar tracks, traction is reduced especially in the rain

  • 6. March is pothole season, drive with caution. If a pothole damages your car see if you are eligible for compensation from The City of Toronto.

    Click here to find out how.

Toronto Traffic Bottlenecks – Avoid these areas in Toronto during rush hour



  • HWY 400Between 401 & Rutherford

  • DVP/404Between Don Mills Road & Finch

  • Highway 401Between 427 & Avenue

  • Gardiner Expressway Between Parklawn & Bay Street

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What To Do in Toronto if A Car Accident Happens?

If there is an emergency or anyone needs medical help dial 9-1-1.
If it is safe to do so, move the vehicles to a safe spot, otherwise wait for a tow truck
When safe, exchange driver information. Take pictures with a smart phone
or write down the other driver’s license information and insurance information.
Ask for any witness contact information who saw the event happen. Make notes and
pictures of the event including where you were driving, how the accident happened
and any other important details. You will have to visit the collision reporting
centre for accidents with total damages over $2,000

New To Toronto Drivers – What to Consider

new driver toronto

If you are already insured for Ontario, you have to notify your car insurance company that you have moved to Toronto.

If you are from another province or country and you are just looking at your car insurance options, than it is a good idea to get a letter of experience from your previous insurer.

Some car insurance companies may also credit your driving history from overseas. When moving from other provinces or from the United States all accidents and tickets must be disclosed from the other province and the United States.We have specific articles for people moving from:

Protect Your Driving Record in Toronto With This One Device

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Unfortunately, we live in a day in age where not everyone may be honest in some situations.Which is why it is a good idea to protect yourself and your version of events if an accident happens and which Toronto driver should be held liable.If any doubt, in Toronto each driver could be held 50-50, which impacts both drivers’ records.


What is High Risk Car Insurance?

high risk car insurance

High risk car insurance is a car insurance policy where you as a driver no longer qualify to be insured with most regular market car insurance companies due to tickets, accidents or cancellations. How You Become A High Risk Car Insurance Driver Every car insurance company has filed rules – this means rules of which… Read More »

How to Save Money on Car Insurance

save money on car insurance

Below are some quick tips on how to save for car insurance. Always speak with a broker to see if you qualify for them. Combine Car and House Insurance for A Combined Discount You should quote your home and auto with the same company to see if you qualify for a multi-policy discount. Of course,… Read More »

What Every Canadian Driver Should Have in Their Car


A Dash Cam. That’s right, we believe every Canadian driver should have a dash cam in their car. Let’s face it, car insurance is expensive without any accidents or tickets. If you are a good driver that drives cautiously and obeys the rules of the road, why wouldn’t you want to have a dash cam… Read More »

What Affects Your Car Insurance Rates


In today’s day and age with advanced computers and algorithms the calculation of car insurance rates is no longer a simple feat. In the past, it was common for an Ontario car insurance broker to grab a book of rates, look at your age, vehicle and location and calculate an accurate car insurance quote. Today,… Read More »

Toronto & Potholes

Toronto Pothole

Were you driving within Toronto recently and suffered damage to your rims or tires due to a pothole? In some cases you may be eligible for compensation from the City of Toronto. Click here to begin an application process to see if you are entitled to compensation. March is also the peak season for… Read More »

Moving from British Columbia to Ontario? Don’t Forget to Pack Your Driving Record.

B.C. to Ontario

If you are moving from B.C. to Ontario it is important that you have a copy of your insurance and claims history record from the ICBC – Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. You can Order your Insurance and Claims History Record VIA ICBC’s Website by Clicking Here Get Your Record » Why Do You Need… Read More »

Attention Ontario Drivers – Distracted Driving Law Changing – January 1 2019

Existing Fines and penalties are changing January 1st 2019 for Ontario Drivers with A to G Licensed. Starting January 1st 2019 you’ll face: First conviction: a fine of up to $1,000 three demerit points a three-day day driver’s licence suspension Second conviction within 5 years: a fine of up to $2,000 six demerit points a… Read More »

This One Safety Feature May Save you 15 Percent on Your Car Insurance

connected car insurance

Insurance companies are recognizing that cars on Ontario roads are becoming safer and some companies are offering fifteen percent discounts on car insurance if your vehicle has Automatic Emergency Breaking or AEB. In cities like Toronto where Toronto Car Insurance is amongst the highest in the country, it can make a big difference. What Cars… Read More »

Impaired Driving Car Insurance FAQ


Here is a list of common questions that get asked for clients who have been charged with impaired driving also commonly known as DUI in regards to car insurance. Will my rate automatically increase with my car insurance company after getting a DUI? In order for your rate to increase as a result of an… Read More »

Ontario Planning Stiffer Penalties

The Ontario government is making changes to the Highway Traffic Act in an effort to make the roads safer. The Ontario government is planning the following changes: Careless drivers who cause bodily harm or death will face a maximum of $50,000 in fines, two years in jail and five year license suspension with six demerit… Read More »