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Madoc Rental Property Insurance

Assure your rental property in Madoc, Ontario with Madoc Rental Property Insurance. As a landlord, you need a landlord insurance policy that can protect one of your most valuable investments. Start by filling out a fast app below in order to get a quote.

Madoc is a community in the municipality of Centre Hastings. It has a very appealing location as it is located halfway between Toronto and Ottawa. This area had a rich mining history. Gold was discovered. Talc mine was in production for almost 114 years. It is one of only three mines in the whole world that has been in steady operation for more than 100 years. Madoc is the largest community in the municipality. This community is home to many other attractions such as the O’Hara Mill which features the O’Hara Sawmill, which is the only upright frame saw left in Ontario. It also has a premier skateboard park. An interesting fact is that the local Tim Hortons in Madoc pours more than 3,000 cups of coffee a day, making it one of the busiest within the chain. This shows just how many people pass through the town daily.


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