Car Thefts in Peel: Shocking 7,700+ incidents in 1 Year

In an unsettling trend, the Peel Region of Ontario, encompassing Mississauga and Brampton, is experiencing a significant number of car thefts, indicating a widespread issue that demands immediate attention Our analysis of data spanning from May 1, 2023, to May 1, 2024, reveals some concerning statistics:

Key Findings of Peel Region Car Theft Analysis:


  • Total Incidents: Over the last year, the Peel Region reported more than 7,730 car theft incidents to the police.
  • Peak Times: A significant 58% of these thefts occurred overnight between 9 PM and 7 AM, with 35% happening in the early morning hours from midnight to 7 AM.
  • Resolution Rates: Only 3% of these cases have been solved to date, with 58% still ongoing and 39% remaining unsolved.
  • Monthly Trends: On average, there are 644 car theft incidents per month, which breaks down to about 21 occurrences per day.
  • Record Highs: January 2024 recorded the highest number of thefts with 813 incidents, and January 22, 2024, saw a record 41 thefts in a single day.
  • Hotspots: The top five affected roads in terms of thefts include
    • Airport Road (257 incidents),
    • Great Lakes Drive (255),
    • Dixie Road (204),
    • Viscount (174),
    • City Centre (153).

Impact on Ontario Car Insurance

The surge in car thefts not only impacts victims but also has broader implications for all Ontario residents. As insurance companies incur higher losses, there’s a likely increase in insurance rates across the province, particularly affecting Mississauga car insurance rates and Peel region where the theft rates are extremely high. This trend could lead to a substantial rise in insurance premiums, impacting all policyholders in the Province.

The rising tide of car thefts in Peel Region is more than a local issue—it’s a signal of larger systemic challenges that need addressing to ensure community safety and economic stability.