Electrifying the Roads: Canada’s iZEV Program

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Understanding the Push Towards Electric Vehicles Across the country, we see a large-scale adoption of electric vehicles that not only reduce carbon emissions but also help save money in the long term. Owners of these vehicles can now save hundreds of dollars in fuel prices and car maintenance, while also potentially benefiting from lower electric … Read more

Car Insurance in Ontario, Changes to DCPD Coverage January 1, 2024

Starting January 1st 2024, Ontario auto insurance policy holders will have the option to remove Direct Compensation for Property Damage (DCPD) coverage from their car insurance policy. This coverage was previously mandatory. Let’s delve into what these changes are and why it’s probably not a good idea to opt-out of this very important coverage. First, … Read more

Top Ten Stolen Cars in Toronto 2021

Below is a list from Toronto Police Services of the top ten cars stolen in the year 2021. Top 10 Auto Thefts by Vehicle Make and Model in Toronto Preventing Car Theft.

What Affects Your Car Insurance Rates

In today’s day and age with advanced computers and algorithms the calculation of car insurance rates is no longer a simple feat. In the past, it was common for an Ontario car insurance broker to grab a book of rates, look at your age, vehicle and location and calculate an accurate car insurance quote. Today, … Read more

This One Safety Feature May Save you 15 Percent on Your Car Insurance

Insurance companies are recognizing that cars on Ontario roads are becoming safer and some companies are offering fifteen percent discounts on car insurance if your vehicle has Automatic Emergency Breaking or AEB. In cities like Toronto where Toronto Car Insurance is amongst the highest in the country, it can make a big difference. What Cars … Read more

Ontario Planning Stiffer Penalties

The Ontario government is making changes to the Highway Traffic Act in an effort to make the roads safer. The Ontario government is planning the following changes: Important to note that drivers convicted with impaired driving, careless driving and distracted driving can face higher car insurance premiums because these tickets show up on a driver’s … Read more

The Latest on Toronto Car Insurance

As a driver in the Greater Toronto Area and in Ontario you may be glad to hear of industry initiatives which insurers and industry experts are hoping help control the cost of auto insurance. Read more below on Toronto car insurance and changes to the Ontario auto insurance industry. Toronto Car Insurance Rate Reductions As … Read more