Car Theft Prevention: Ideas for Ontario Drivers

With the increasing number of car thefts in Ontario, we’ve compiled 8 essential considerations for drivers in the Province. Dive into our article, see what ideas there are to prevent car thefts as well as protecting your personal information, find out how car theft claims can impact your car insurance and look for the Youtube video below to see a foiled car theft attempt in Mississauga.

  1. Install an Approved TAG System: Equip your vehicle with a TAG system, a tracking device offered by many car dealerships. Displaying a TAG sticker can deter thieves, and installing such a system may qualify you for reduced insurance premiums, especially for high-risk vehicles. In the event the vehicle is stolen, this system helps locate the vehicle. Ensure that adding this system complies with your vehicle’s warranty by consulting the manufacturer.
  2. Secure Personal Information: Never leave personal items or documents with your name in the car. This includes vehicle ownership, insurance documents, and personal identification. Carrying these documents with you might be inconvenient, but it significantly reduces the risk of identity theft and the hassle of replacing stolen items.
  3. Utilize Garage Parking: If available, park your vehicle in a garage. A vehicle parked inside is less visible and accessible to thieves, making it a less attractive target.
  4. Strategic Driveway Parking: If you have multiple vehicles, park a less prone to theft vehicle behind a more theft-prone car if your driveway space allows. This creates a physical barrier, making it difficult for thieves to quickly drive away with the targeted vehicle.
  5. Install Driveway Bollards: Consider installing driveway bollards. These retractable metal posts act as a strong physical barrier, preventing the unauthorized removal of your vehicle from the driveway.
  6. Explore Additional Anti-Theft Devices: Consult with your vehicle dealership or manufacturer about extra anti-theft systems. Make sure that these additional security measures do not void your vehicle’s warranty.
  7. Motion-Sensing Cameras with Alarms: Install motion-sensing cameras equipped with lights and alarms that connect to the internet. This allows you to monitor any suspicious activity around your vehicle and receive alerts, potentially scaring off potential thieves.
  8. Community Vigilance through Social Media: If you use Facebook, consider joining local neighborhood groups. These groups can be a valuable resource for staying informed about local incidents, reporting suspicious activities, and keeping up-to-date with what’s happening in your neighborhood. Such community collaboration can significantly increase awareness and prevent theft.

Will Filing a Car Theft Claim Affect My Car Insurance Premium?

Yes, filing a car theft claim can impact your insurance, but it’s important to understand the details. When your car is stolen and you file a claim, this falls under comprehensive coverage (fire,theft), which is different from filing a claim for a road accident.

It’s key to note that your insurance rate doesn’t typically increase directly due to a single comprehensive claim, such as car theft. However, if you file multiple comprehensive claims – for incidents like car theft, windshield damage, etc. – this can lead to insurance companies reconsidering your comprehensive coverage.

To put it simply, frequent comprehensive claims can lead to insurers potentially restricting or not offering you comprehensive coverage. This is crucial because comprehensive coverage is required for leasing or financing a vehicle. All leasing and finance companies insist on this type of coverage before you get the keys.

Remember, any insurance claim is not ideal, and some are more serious than others. If your car is stolen, it generally justifies making a claim due to the significant cost of replacing your vehicle. However, if your vehicle is at risk of theft – and most vehicles are – you might want to think carefully before filing claims for minor issues like small windshield damages or scratches. These smaller claims could cumulatively affect your insurance coverage and premiums in the long run. And the last thing you want is to find yourself googling options for high risk car insurance.


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