Food Vendor Insurance

We provide Food Vendor Insurance, our food vendor policy is a liability only policy that is there to protect you against claims of bodily injury or property damage while you operate as a food vendor. Our policy allows you to attend fairs, festivals or be at a fixed location or different locations throughout the week. We issue certificates of insurance quickly and we make the process of getting your policy simple.

Our policy is designed for people serving food at special events, fairs, and festivals. Our food vendor insurance policy is designed for people that setup in a temporary location with a food cart or tent. The food must be prepared in a licensed commercial kitchen and the you must have a food handling certificate.

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Policy Features

  • Liability only policy.
  • Limits up to $2 million or $5 million and more if required.
  • Certificates of Insurance issued to you quickly.
  • Canadian Insurance Company.
  • Allows you to attend unlimited fairs, festivals and locations across Ontario.